Equal Rights In Land Use

“It’s always been about the Land and it’s resources. If there can be one thing that I can accomplish in my life, please let it be that ‘all servants that have any actions, sayings or influence in land use of others, be it unto them to have to take and pass an ethics test annually to hold their jobs. And, if the servant were to intentionally abuse those ethics let there be a loss of all their benefits to health, property and retirement’ “

Do not let the rhetoric fool you.  It has always been about the land and it’s resources.

I lost my land due to the many “words” used by people to confuse, flip, and deny.  “They know how to descriminate.”

In 1984, in the County of Calaveras, I lost my family, my land and my spirit.

Caught between my belief in God and my inner spirit I spent the next 30 years trying to keep from going crazy as my wife left me and so did my children.

Friends and other family members could not endure to see me in the agony and broken spirit.

Drinking became the sedative of choice.

After twenty years I can now jokingly say,  Don, Jack and Jose were no friends of mine.

I turned to God again.  I fellowshipped with three Churches of different denominations.  This went on for nearly two years and was a valuable and interesting experience.  More about that in time.

I gave up my “so called friends” and bought a guitar.  Her name is Stella.  lol..   Playing the guitar and creating songs helped me vent my sorrows and pain.

So as to know the timeline..    I began loosing the land and then everything near the time of 1990.  The land location 1390 County View Drive, Valley Springs CA, Calaveras County.  The Judge, Judge McWiney, the Assemblyman Norm Waters and the then Senator, John Garamendi.  Now Congressman Garamendi.

I created this song in 2014 and did not feel “good” until 10/2018.  Here is the song  Abandoned the song.



When developing and rezoning the land on Country View Drive, I was instrumental in applying for rezoning, gathering an understanding of different laws affecting land use and more importantly how “those that are confused and those that are evil” treat others.


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